3 Gopro's Want To See You Race


So for the upcoming supermoto season in Ontario/Canada, I will be freely lending my Gopros to SMO members at races I attend. Now this being said, you must have your own mounts, I will not be supplying mounts for you. Luckily you can get a “grab bag” for about 20 bucks. 20 bucks for footage of your race and not buying one for 200$ sounds like a steal to me!

I was also suggested that I have my laptop and hard drive to pull footage from racers to have even more diverse video. As an editor, more footage = better videos!


This Year of School is ENDING

I have actually learned a lot in this class. Probably my second favourite class in this semester, or the first. Branding yourself (not literally) is a great idea, and getting started early is even better. I can clearly see the direction that this “free advertising” will take me, and I think it will take me there very quickly, especially with the amount of media I plan on releasing for this years Supermoto series.

I also plan on doing lots of photography / video shoots at motocross tracks, hare scramble events, and maybe even some random trackdays at Mosport!

I know plenty of people through my parents who might want video/ photography done at riding events, and obviously people love getting badass photos of them giving their all racing!

Being I am still a junior photographer/videographer, the more opportunities I get to expose myself shooting real world events, the better a photographer I will become.

Photography and video is almost worth more than just money to me, knowing I am giving people a lasting image of their life. I almost find it difficult knowing I am going to be charging people for my photos, especially someone who might not have money.

Life goes on.


Behance and Linkedin | | | I’m In

So I just uploaded a bunch of shots on Behance from last years Supermoto finals at Shannonville. Working on that was actually really fun, although my upload speed is totally atrocious at home, I am extremely excited to start the riding season off with lots of photo and video.

Through this I am going to try to keep my Linkedin, Behanced, and Twitter current. I can see the advantages to these connected social media sites. Just posted in my target audiences group Facebook page, and lots of people love the project I just uploaded.

Unfortunately Behance has a limited amount of quality, so connecting that with a Flickr account or a Photobucket account will be necessary.

Being Yourself?

Being genuine online is what I see all the time. Just the other day my aunt (a singer for Disney Cruises) was on her professional Facebook account and accidentally quoted Rage Against the Machine writing “FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME”. Quickly realizing the mistake she asked me to delete it, which I promptly did.

I can see the link between “doing what they tell you” on professional media accounts. Time is money and when you are on company time, you do what they tell you.

Being in the Army, before an exercise we were always told by our sergeants and warrants, “don’t do anything to harm this regiment, make sure you look good”. You are not allowed to go out when you smell like shit, look like shit, and are going to act like shit. I tried to never go out into public when my face was all cammed up, or if I smelt like I crawled through a swamp. All the exposure to proper public relations is a valuable asset, and being aware of what you look like in the public eye is always in the back of my head if I might do something foolish to a professional person/account.



This viral video stuff is giving me a virus. I ALMOST CRASHED!

So this is just a bunch of old footage I had lying around my computer and threw together a quick little video of some action. The camea’s used were multiple Gopro 2’s, and a Canon HFS21.

The editing software I use is Sony Vegas 12!



This was recorded with the mic from a Steelseries Siberia headset, and was about Quentin Tarentino. Edited in Adobe Audition, exported as .wav

In order to create a video file behind the audio file, you must bring it into a video program and put a static picture then render it. Post it to Youtube and SHARE THAT SHIZNIT


Behance and the way it works:

Cost : Behance is free!! You can also sell your work from Behance by linking sales website’s and your business.

Set-up Ease: Behance offers an excellent FAQ section with picture by picture, step by step guides on how to set up your Behance profile.

Content Upload Ease: Behance does excellent sharing, uploading is very straightforward with almost nowhere to get confused. Instead of just uploading a single picture you can create “projects” which allows you to showcase an entire project of yours over several months giving people insight to your work ethic, what you do with your time and your interests in what you work on.

Copyright: Behance copyright is excellent, and they acknowledge the current copyright problems with the internet and the way screencaptures work. The company takes steps to appeal to the idea of saving images and being able to share your work. They find people that connect via “with attribution” get much more pubicity with their work because there is a limited amount of workaround with your work and trying to save your pictures to their computer etc etc.

Cross Content: With the deep ties to Linkedin, your profiles are almost tied together so tight it is like seeing two websites when you are actually visiting one.